Monday, August 07, 2006

Completion, Collections, Cookbooks

We turned the film in today.
20 days to shoot a feature film.
Everything that could have gone wrong
in the last 24 hours did.
Breakdowns were had and
sleep lost. I have had a steady
headache since Friday.

It is out of our hands now.
I can whisper, "I am a filmmaker.
That I can write a screenplay, can pen
a mean narrative and can help
one find their "motivation."

When I arrive no one will notice
not even me.

I bought a bottle of
Riesling and a bottle of "Cruz-Garcia
Real Sangria." The latter on a whim.
I need proper ice trays.

I also found a 40 year old
"The Art of Scandinavian Cooking" Cookbook
for "M". She will squeal with delight I am sure.
Danish Hash, Stegt Aal med stuvede Kartofler,
Madeleine Hamilton's Potato-Mushroom Ragout

For two people that have a rather shoddy
relationship with food we have a quirky
pre-occupation with it.

I want another tattoo.
I want to build up my wrists.

I need to ween myself off of TV again.
Reality shows = hole in my head.

Luckily, I found a Salvation Army that takes
credit cards which means my album collection
will multiply at a freakish rate.

Newest additions:

1."The Best of the Big Band Singers"

2."Welcome Back, My Friends, To the Show That Never Ends" ELP
Though I am missing one of the albums. Dammit.

3. "Miles of Aisles" Joni Mitchell and The L.A. Express

4. "Nancy- Naturally" Nancy Wilson for "A." I promised to wait
for him before I listened to her.

5. Leonard Bernstein "Latin American Fiesta"

6. "My Funny Valentine " Miss Gloria Lynne

All for $4.50


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Interested in scandinawian cooking secrets, you? He, he.. Interesting blog.


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