Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Evergreen Review No. 7

I have only read two poems but I am not taken (yet) by Octovio Paz.
I am however enjoying Juan Rulfo's, From Pedro Paramo.

It was the hour when the children play in the streets in every village,
filling the afternoon with their shouts. When the walls still reflect
the yellow light of the sun.
At least that's what I saw in Sayula yesterday at the same hour. I also
saw the doves flying in the still air. They circled around and disappeared
over the rooftops, and the shouts of the children flew up like birds.

I know it is simple but sometimes simple works.

Flipping through the journal I learned two things:

1. You could pick up up a hell of a lot of good writing for $1.
2. You could buy a Thelonious Monk album for $4.98
(okay 3)

3. You could pick up a sweet pair of bongos for $6.95!


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