Sunday, April 15, 2007

Curious about Movie Title Screens? No? Well look anyway!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

New Energy drink "Cocaine"?

Taking aim at 'Cocaine'
ENERGY DRINK Alderman wants product to join smoking, BB-guns on long list of restrictions
April 12, 2007
FRAN SPIELMAN City Hall Reporter

An energy drink billed as more than three times stronger than Red Bull and marketed under the "shameful" brand name "Cocaine" would be banned in Chicago, under a crackdown proposed Wednesday by the City Council's most powerful alderman.
Finance Committee Chairman Edward M. Burke (14th) has already championed a 2005 ban on the sale of marijuana-flavored candy.

Now he's setting his sights on "Cocaine," an energy drink produced by Las Vegas-based Redux Beverages that's made to "glamorize" the namesake drug and "simulate" its effect.
With 280 milligrams of caffeine and a secret "throat-numbing" ingredient, "Cocaine" energy drinks are "marketed to give a high coupled with a tingly, euphoric feeling within five minutes of drinking it, followed by an initial boost and a buzz" that lasts as long as six hours, according to the proposed ban.
Energy drinks have become the rage among American teenagers, with 7.6 million or 31 percent of the teen population drinking them. Hundreds of new energy drinks reportedly hit the shelves this year. It has become a $3.4 billion-a-year business.
Burke's ordinance would prohibit licensed Chicago retailers from "selling and storing" energy drinks sold under the brand name "Cocaine." Violators could lose their licenses and face fines of $300 a day for each offense.

(Now, that is marketing)

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Thriftstore Cookbooks (I am enjoying The Benevolent Bean)

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Today was one of those unending days.
"S" called off and the phones were ringing
off the hook. The noise shook me down.

Red Line to Howard.
Four tracks to three. Congestion not
so bad as expected.
End car.
Sat next to a writer.
He quickly put away pen and paper
as I sat down and I wanted to tell
him, "It is okay."

I am the same way. The minute someone sits next
to me when I am writing I feel as though
someone has walked into my apartment and
sat on my lap and though some people could care
less, I assure you most people will peek. I do sometimes!
I do not read but I take an odd joy seeing someone writing.
Whether it be a journal entry or a letter.
(I realize the hypocrisy of this though so today
I caught myself.)

As soon as I pulled out my notebook and began
scribbling, he took his back out and continued
to write. It was a rather pleasant ride.
Both of us peering out and down.

Going to download some Mazzy Star tonight.
I think I need her voice.

Still reading Durrell's poetry.
I do not like most of it!

There is one piece I will post tomorrow
that I did like though.

Until then:

"A city becomes a world when one loves one of it's inhabitants."
I believe that is from Justine.

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Apropos of nothing

Save that I love sushi and this is a sushi guide.
So if you are out of your element/place/town
you can still find some sake.

4 3 0 9 R e s t a u r a n t s i n 1 1 5 8 C i t i e s


Monday, April 02, 2007

Just came back from an EXHAUSTING roadtrip with my mother
to New Iberia, LA. I live in Chicago mind you.

I will not even get into the drama that ensued as this is not the forum.
But I will say I did come up with some wonderful fodder.
The luxury of being in the passenger seat.

I also have my notes from my Megabus trip to St. Louis
and so I really need to get to work!

pas·tor·al [ pástərəl ]

2. idealizing rural life: presenting an idealized image of rural life and nature
pastoral poetry

Pastoral. I do not think this is what I am looking for in regards to what these notes will bring. But that is what popped into my head first so I will leave it here.

Man, people were so crazy friendly in the South I loved it! Not that I was surprised but we spoke to such a wide rangeof people from Memphis to Louisiana that is was refreshing. Did not get to see much since our destination was a Tropical plant nursery and we had to be home by a certain time.

Drove past Durant, MS where my great grandmother was born. I wanted to stop so badly but my mother is not the type to appreciate that type of nostalgia.

So. Let me arrange these notes before I lose their taste.

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