Monday, April 02, 2007

Just came back from an EXHAUSTING roadtrip with my mother
to New Iberia, LA. I live in Chicago mind you.

I will not even get into the drama that ensued as this is not the forum.
But I will say I did come up with some wonderful fodder.
The luxury of being in the passenger seat.

I also have my notes from my Megabus trip to St. Louis
and so I really need to get to work!

pas·tor·al [ pástərəl ]

2. idealizing rural life: presenting an idealized image of rural life and nature
pastoral poetry

Pastoral. I do not think this is what I am looking for in regards to what these notes will bring. But that is what popped into my head first so I will leave it here.

Man, people were so crazy friendly in the South I loved it! Not that I was surprised but we spoke to such a wide rangeof people from Memphis to Louisiana that is was refreshing. Did not get to see much since our destination was a Tropical plant nursery and we had to be home by a certain time.

Drove past Durant, MS where my great grandmother was born. I wanted to stop so badly but my mother is not the type to appreciate that type of nostalgia.

So. Let me arrange these notes before I lose their taste.

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